Under the Christmas Day Moon

The considerable contrast range between landscape and sky can be managed in various ways. But we don’t always have the gear we need when we see what we like. (Sometimes we don’t even have a camera!)

On this occasion I had brought my old Canon PowerShot G9 with me. Even without graduated filters and/or a tripod, with software solutions in mind it’s sometimes possible to take a few shots that best capture the tonal range we want for the finished image.

The shooting solution for this particular scene is illustrated below. Set to auto the camera well and truly messed it up by averaging out the contrast range. The sky has blown and the moon has disappeared. It’s not even close to what I saw. So composing as consistently as I could frame-to-frame, I ran off a few hand-held shots that were exposed for the landscape and the sky. It was important to get good detail in the moon too.

You can see below some of the adjustments I made in layers in my software program. In this way I used the best of the tones from each JPEG shot to produce a final image that satisfied my vision. As an afterthought I brightened the winter gorse in the foreground (see opening shot above).


The same morning under the Christmas Day moon.





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