Grips for the Fujifilm X-E2, X-E1 and X-T1

The trend for compact camera kits shows no sign of abating and, ironically, neither does the need for grips to make camera bodies larger and more comfortable to hold.

I don’t have particularly large hands but after using a semi-professional DSLR for years I found myself struggling with the design of the mirrorless Fujifilm X-E1. It was a bit too fiddly at times. Of course Fujifilm had a hand grip readily available—currently it’s the MHG-XE—fancifully priced at around £65.

Just to be clear about it, it doesn’t come with gold plating and won’t have your name engraved anywhere. Thankfully independent manufacturers were quick to produce X-E1/2 hand grips at rational prices. The excellently machined Arca Swiss-compatible grip pictured above is from Andoer® and is available for around £18. It would be nice touch though if the main finger grip surface was textured rather than completely smooth.

Thumb grips are available too that slide into the flash unit housing. Using both together certainly makes a camera more manageable and I wouldn’t like to do without them now.

You may want to consider bending the thumb grip very sightly away from the camera body (see below). In my opinion it’s more comfortable overall and keeps my thumb a few millimetres back from the command dial. Perhaps this particular thumb grip could have been a slightly different shape and a little longer?

After buying a similar grip for my Fujifilm X-T1 I came across forum posts complaining about the poor quality of the X-T1’s connector door. It seems that in time it can warp quite badly. The L Plate Camera Bracket Holder Hand Grip is a preventative solution. The left-side vertical grip attachment keeps your hand off the surface of the camera and is comfortable enough to hold.




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