Art In Glass

Publication © Harron/Watson 2016
Publication © Harron/Watson 2016

A priceless advantage when shooting digital is having the opportunity to very carefully examine each image. This is especially true of subjects shot indoors under controlled conditions.

These exquisite glass bowls, created by master craftsman and glassmaker Karl Harron and shot in natural light, held a wide range of pale shades and hues on a flawless matt surface. Retaining the nuances of detail was paramount, especially if the shots were to be used commercially when the tonal range would degrade slightly, as in a print.

Although the camera was set to capture RAW data and a .jpg file, the neutrally processed in-camera JPEG was accepted and used. However, in retrospect, because of the graduated tone of the background, A TIFF from the RAW file could be edited to smooth away irritating irregularities.

To learn more about the artist, his creations in glass, comprehensive workshop facilities and master classes, please click or tap on the image below:

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