Something Lasting



There are times when it’s difficult to wring anything decent out of our photography. There are plenty of days when we’re uninspired and the light’s rubbish. Better to stay at home. Maybe…

Several years ago, over the space of a few days, I walked a couple of deserted Donegal beaches under very heavy summer skies. I was waiting for the thunder that never came. All I had with me was a consumer compact camera. But it had quite a useful macro setting. So I watched out for anything that caught my eye and snapped it as best I could. We get ourselves into some weird shapes to capture these macro shots, don’t we!

When viewed at 100% my 3 favourite images just aren’t very good—what we would expect from a camera like this and its small sensor. But when arranged together to fit a much larger format (over 10,000 pixels across—around 30 megapixels) I found the presentation worked really well.

The image elements that were brought together for the matt print.
Before sending off this image I resized it to the dimensions of a suitable print size. I then trimmed it for framing.

I sent the finished JPEG down the line to the lab for processing. Finally, I took the print in its tube to a local shop to be framed-up in a pale grey finish to match the presentation colour I’d chosen in software.

It’s now hanging in someone’s home. Something lasting from not very much.


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