Ramelton Betting Office, County Donegal

With more character than you could shake a blackthorn stick at, Ramelton’s Betting Office, as seen here, takes us back to a time and culture that’s quickly fading from memory. And we’re all the worse for it.

Back in the 90s I found Ramelton to be one of the most photographable villages in Ireland. It’s not surprising it was chosen as a key location in the four McGann brothers’ superb BBC Northern Ireland/RTE TV series The Hanging Gale.

It’s a long time since I’ve been. I hope it’s kept most of its unique charm and not become too affected by the contrary trends of tourism.

Click or tap HERE to see more.

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Conway’s Bar, early on a Sunday morning.
Ramelton in The Hanging Gale. The land agent’s office (far left) was built by the production company for scenes filmed on the quay.

This is a still from an excellent drone video of Ramelton by Proinsias Carr.  Click or tap on the image for more detail.

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