Margaret Gallagher and Her Cottage

Click on the picture to watch the film, All I’ve Ever Known.

Early one morning in July 2017 while travelling through County Fermanagh in Ireland I stopped off just a few miles outside Belcoo to photograph Margaret Gallagher’s cottage. Unexpectedly the lady herself was already up and about attending to chores. I hope she didn’t mind the scruffy stranger in the distance waving his camera about running off a few shots of her charming home. Had it been later in the day I’d have said hello.

I’d recently seen Miss Gallagher in an excellent BBC film produced by John Callister around 25 years ago. To watch it yourself click on the smaller image above.


  1. Loved this documentary…This beautiful (cottage) piece of history, is now a listed building….Margaret still drives everyday to the town of Belcoo to encourage people to remember customs and trades of the old rural life…. I think she may be around 75 years of age.

    1. It’s a wonderful programme, isn’t it. I’ve watched it a few times now and will again. Miss Gallagher is dedicated to her lifestyle and over the years has contributed so much to her local community.

  2. Thank you for sharing the wonderful film, what an amazing woman. Too often people feel a pressure to change their lifestyle, I love the way Margaret has not only stayed true to her roots but actively works to spread her local knowledge and traditions.

    1. Thanks Lorna. Miss Gallagher is a real character isn’t she, one of a kind. It’s a lifestyle that can’t be easy at times but we admire her determination and her contribution to the local community there in Belcoo. And the film says plenty about the man who produced it too.

  3. I loved the movie “All I’ve ever known” I love what she had to say about solitude and I have been reading everything I can find online about her
    Thank you for reading

  4. I saw this film today…so interesting. Me and my children are going on vacation ti Ireland this summer..and it would be lovely to see this place..and even to meet this fantastic lady. Gina from Sweden

    1. Hello Gina, thanks so much for your comment. Miss Gallagher lives in a lovely part of Ireland. The entire area has plenty to offer. (I’ve sent you a private email.)

  5. Thank you for this site. I wish I had known about this prior to visiting Belcoo in 2011. I would have loved to try to meet Margaret. I have a very strong desire to go back just to meet her. My Gallagher ancestors came from the very same area and I am intrigued to see now if somehow related. Regardless a remarkable lady!

  6. Love the video about Margaret Gallagher, and I would love to write to her. Could you please give me her address? Thank you very much!

    1. Hello there, Miryam. Thanks so much for your message. Unfortunately I don’t know Miss Gallagher’s exact address. She lives on a country road several miles north of the general Belcoo area which I believe lies within the BT93 postal code district.

  7. Hi Margaret –
    My 2nd Great Grandfather – Francis Taafe/Sullivan 1846 – 1934. was from Northern Ireland. His father *James Taafe died during the FAMINE in 1852 – 1853. His mother Mary Callaghan remarried a Francis Sullivan in 1854 and they left for Canada in 1859. Then came into Michigan in 1870. I have tried and tried to find James Taafe’s place of death? 1817 born – died 1853.
    Have you ever heard of these family names up were you live? Taafe? Callaghan?
    Doug Mills/ Michigan

    1. Hello Doug, thanks so much for your comment. It’s wonderful to hear your roots go back to N Ireland. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely Miss Gallagher would read this page (the video is on YouTube), but good luck with your search.

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