A dark opening in a cliff face by the sea turned out to be a cave running into the rock 40ft or so. So in the dark, cramped, and spider-infested far end of the damp cave I ambitiously attempted to capture at 24mm as much of the tonal range as I could. At first I tried manually editing the 5 images, painting in and painting out and so on, but it was too much of a challenge — for me anyway.

In the end I used a combination of editing programs. To start with I threw everything I could at the project in SNS-HDR. Along the way I also used On1 Photo RAW, Lightroom, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Viveza 2. What a rigmarole.

Was it all worth the time and the range of images needed to create the final versions you see below? The HDR software and Viveza were particularly flexible and Silver Efex Pro 2 did great job with the black and white processing and toning.

But it was all good experience. Regular practice in the field and at the computer is very important. I’m reasonably pleased with the black and white version. And now I know where to hide at the end of the world, if gun-toting preppers don’t get there first.



    1. Thank you. Some images just don’t work in B&W, but in this case there isn’t enough colour to substantially enhance the shot. The contrast range here is extreme. It was so dark I couldn’t see any of the physical camera controls.

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