Scrabo Hill

Mid-September early morning sun on Scrabo Hill and Tower, Co. Down, N. Ireland.

It could be argued that over the last 70 years the local population in this area has been robbed by sport and greed (golf and housing). Just progress, a necessary evil? Few would disagree that chasing the wee white ball through the grass swallows up an expanse of countryside — on average, 111 acres for just one 18-hole course. That’s a lot of space. There are almost 3000 golf courses in the UK and Ireland (souce: Statista). Not all are 18 holes, but most are.

Worse still, house-building is slowly marring our cherished scenery as landowners make a killing. Despite the spin, it’s always about the money. The image above was captured when the situation was just getting out of hand.

To see more of Scrabo Tower watch the video below. Check out the links in the video description.



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