Shooting The Barn Cottage

While on holiday in The Barn Cottage beside Foxhall Wood and the River Swilly in Donegal, I turned on all the lights and went out into the front garden at dusk to try a few shots. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any farther back than the corner of the boundary hedge which forced me to use a wider focal length than was ideal. Converging verticals, as they are called, definitely wouldn’t suit a subject like this.

I was pleased with the long exposures I captured, by chance benefitting from a rare passing car that very nicely painted light onto the gloomy gable wall. Daylight white balance meant each of the windows gave out a rich warm glow in the fading evening light. The longer exposure time added subtle movement to the clouds.

The following week when I finally got around to studying the image on-screen I knew some manipulation was needed here and there. You can see below the original shot and some tonal work being carried out in layers.

In it’s final restored condition The Barn Cottage has come a long way from the old farm barn (below, borrowed from the owners’ website). I can recommend a visit. A desirable accommodation and location, summer or winter.


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