Horn Head

The ruins on Horn Head. Photo taken in the late 90s. This location can be seen in the recent satellite image below.

Horn Head (157 metres, 515 feet) is a wild and rugged peninsula in north-west Donegal. If you’re into landscape photography it’s an area you’ll want to visit. Take special care on narrow cliff paths where heather can grow out in clumps over the edge hiding the sheer drop below.

An abandoned house in the same area.

Click or tap on this image to see Horn Head from the air.

1960-2008. “Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything” (C. S. Lewis, A Grief Observed).

Beautiful Strange

Woodland walks with my wife (2007)

After days of ripped lives,
Awakened and whole.
Beautiful strange.

Set still, though hidden through
Nights too long endured,
About the closed-up home
Nature moves suffused.

Whether we struggle ill
Or lie longer weak,
Papery poppies bend,
Birdsong scorns the stark

Towers of western rain clouds.
Woodland scents rise through
Full-leaf branches shading
Deep paths love turns to.

Healing ways drawing us
To vivid and bold.
Beautiful strange.


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