Window On the Sea 2

Below: Other abandoned houses I’ve come across on my many travels around Ireland. Hopefully by now some have been saved … More


Relatives solemnly listen to marriage vows. While using selective focus I couldn’t quite get the angle I preferred without drawing … More

Window On the Sea

While randomly following the coastline in north-west Ireland I came on a small harbour partly enclosed by this old wall. … More

Galway Porter

There’s a stretch in the nights and the day’s work is done. With his back to the evening fire it’s … More

Maps for Exploring Ireland

Besides satellite navigation and non-subscription online tools, any photographer who travels and hikes around Ireland will need good maps to … More

Horn Head

Horn Head (157 metres, 515 feet) is a wild and rugged peninsula in north-west Donegal. If you’re into landscape photography … More

“No Line Markins”

Driving around you never know what you’re going to see. Is this a phonetically inspired sign on a country road … More

Sadie (1911-2003)

1) Canon EOS 620, Sigma 28-70mm f2.8, Ilford XP2 2) Canon EOS 50, Sigma 28-70mm f2.8, Ilford XP2 3) Canon … More

Poulnabrone Dolmen

Poulnabrone is a dolmen (stone table) and portal tomb located in the Burren region of County Clare in Ireland. It’s … More

Two Boys, 1976

It would seem these two lads are back out to play after lunch. Minolta SR-T 101, MC Rokkor – PF … More

The Negative Advantage

In some ways I miss shooting sharp, high quality colour negative film. For a time I felt it had advantages … More

Winter Apples

“MODERN ART IS A ASS!” If Dickens’ Mr Bumble had the good sense to pooh-pooh one of the Law’s many … More

A Camera To Paint With

One festive evening while wearily channel-hopping I came on an eye-catching scene. At first glance it seemed that an ageing … More

Ramelton, County Donegal

A still autumn evening in Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland. A burst of fill-flash brought out the colour in the overhanging … More